Post 4

by Carson Love | September 26, 2020

The Phoenix Suns have been around since 1968.

During their 45 seasons of existence, they have exactly zero championships to their name. Looking at the current roster, it will take a wild turn of events for that to change before the team celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Do not be fooled, however. The Suns possess one of the richer histories of talent in the NBA. They’ve made 29 trips to the postseason, and their all-time winning percentage is .552.

That’s the fourth-best in NBA history, behind the Los Angeles LakersBoston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs.

That isn’t to say that Phoenix has the history of those three teams—who have won a combined 37 titles—but so much consistent winning over decades and decades means that this is one of the most competitive top 25 lists in the league.Sports is my hobby and my antidote from stress. If it wasnt for sports I wouldnt have cable nor a TV. Being a sports fan is what keeps me going everyday!